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24 Hour Wrecker Service in Duluth, MN

Get Hooked Towing LLC offers 24/7 roadside. We can help you out with any need you have while stranded on the road. If you need a tow, winch out, tire change, jump start, lockout, fuel delivery or anything else, give us a call today! Our ETA (estimated time of arrival) is fast and our prices are fair! We serve in Duluth, MN, Hermantown MN, Superior WI, Cloquet MN, Proctor MN, Two Harbors MN, HWY 53, MN, HWY 61 MN, I 35 MN, and the surrounding areas. Give us a call any time, any day.

Towing Service

Need a tow? Feel like you just ran out of luck?

We are available to meet your individual towing needs 24/7, all year around. We strive to be a knowledgeable resource. 

We are here to assist you by sending the right type of equipment for your towing situation at any hour of the day.  Our wrecker drivers are fully trained and certified with continuous training to ensure our trustworthiness and class of service. 

GPS helps give customers the quickest and cheapest route possible. It allows us to be there promptly and efficiently to keep you safe.

State of the art flatbeds and wheel lifts. We  have the right tools including the knowledge to handle every emergency, no matter the situation! 

Winch Outs

Get Hooked Towing LLC, is proud to offer safe winching service that is designed to adapt to the toughest outdoor situations. 

When your vehicle gets stuck and you find that putting it in gear only causes the wheels to turn uselessly Just give us a call winching service professionals will be on their way. Car winching services must take into account a multitude of models and makes but that fact does not intimidate us!

We keep up to date with auto technology and new models, while simultaneously staying knowledgeable about older cars. Night or day whenever you call, we are ready to offer car winching services no matter what kind of car you own.

Flat Tire Service

You’ve got a flat tire, what now! You need a tire change. Get Hooked Towing LLC, is here to help with that flat tire.

Whether you’ve got a flat, a tire that’s blown out, a hole or tear in the sidewall, or any other emergency requiring a tire change, our qualified service providers can change your tire and get you back on the road quickly. You don’t even need to get out of the vehicle, unless you are so happy with the service you want to personally THANK us! 

Let us fix it, so you don't have to worry, struggle with how to change flat tires. Don’t Google “how to change a flat” just give us a call today!

There is nothing more frightening and troubling than hearing your tire blow out while your driving. Do not worry, we can help you in your distress.

Jump Starts

In Minnesota and Wisconsin winters can be real rough on a vehicle. What do you do when you can't get your vehicle started? Maybe it is a school day,  a work day or you just have somewhere important  to be on a cold, snowy day. 

 Worry no more, Get Hooked Towing can give you a jump or replace your battery!

We can fix your car needs. We will inspect your battery and let you know whether it needs to be replaced or not.

 If you need a tow because it is something other than the battery, then we will help get you !

Fuel Delivery

"15" miles before empty is really EMPTY!

We have all been there, we think we can make it to the next gas station and then you feel the sputtering, jerking, and there you sit on the side of the road, with an empty tank!

Our roadside fuel delivery service can assist you any time of day or night. Give us your destination and our staff will meet you there, put some gas in the tank and give you directions to the closest gas station.

No need to be embarrassed. We don't judge you. We provide you caring and compassionate help when you need it. 


Oops! Did you just find yourself locked on the outside starring at your car keys? Are they safely locked in the inside?

We are trained to help-out with your "lockout" situation. We understand that sometimes the extra stress of life makes us more forgetful than we would like to be. If you find yourself stranded with no where to go and no way to get in your own home. We will get to you as soon as we can. 

This sticky situation happens to the best of us. Our mission, at Get Hooked Towing LLC, is to get you safely to your destination. Even when you are already there. Give us a call. You would be surprised to learn that this and many other service we provide is covered by roadside insurance. We help with that too!